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After Dinner we invite you to a night of Cyber Shopping, member sign up and online Tour

Become a member and connect with our online retailers for exclusive  deals and join others on our virtual line. After your dinner you can join us and shop from the comfort of your own home! No more fighting traffic and standing in endless lines to shop at your local shopping mall.  Shop and receive your FREE health & wellness card TODAY!

While we are known for our shop for a cause support to non-profits for breast cancer awareness and research, Lailah-Sa Mone offers so much more in support of women and their need for health and total wellness.  The most important revelation I have ever received is the understanding that we were created by God with three distinct parts: spirit, soul, and body.  Our focus is on the total woman.

Lailah-Sa Mone is an awesome site where you can shop online for causes like breast cancer awareness, and specialty projects for domestic violence, autism and  youth related projects.

In addition to our book collection and clothing line you can shop hundreds of your favorite online retailers—including ,,Nordstrom Macy's, Old Navy and more through our iGive network.

During this event there will be giveaways of clothing, books and accessories as well as tips on earlly detection, self awareness and prevention.

Member sign up and after dinner tours are by appointment only and scheduled from 6pm -9pm EST

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Early detection and effective treatment for breast cancer
have been shown to improve survival.

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Our retailers believe you'll be a great customer and you'll tell your friends. They like being good corporate citizens, helping to support YOUR favorite cause or charity. They even pay iGive, so when you see the amount or percentage being donated before you make a purchase, 100% of that is actually donated, period. 

4% Donation at PETCO 

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Total raised for all causes at $6,379,604.96

POLE FITNESS (Customized)
Burn 300-500 calories an hour!

Lose Weight
Burn Body Fat
Boost Self Esteem
Improve Health
Reduce Cellulite
Sculpt your Abs
Enhance your relationship
Increase Flexibility levels

Helps Further Domestic Violence Awareness via our Initiatives! 
Together we can end domestic violence and sexual assault.
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Tears in a Bottle is a story in which the author takes her readers on a journey through   her life; She will take you from tears to triumph. Through rape, a family secret, domestic violence, and divorce.

Support Women in crisis with each purchase.
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